Holo Services Offers

Consistent Returns | 2 Plans

We are glad to present you the leading cryptocurrency cloud mining and the first cloud-based power-sharing mining service.

Starter Plan

Daily forcast - 1.00%
1% /Daily
  • 7 Days duration
  • Min (USD) - $200.00
  • Max (USD) - $19999.00
  • Referral - 10% Commission
  • Maintenance Fee - $0.00
  • Payout Automatic

How Our Power Sharing Works

We overcame all the costs associated with electricity, shipment, and maintenance by inspiring from Torrent. In fact, we are sharing all the hash power between our five different data centers we own. As a result, we are able to shut down the ones which are consuming a lot of electricity hence the cost of mining will always remain the same.

Holo Group offers the cheapest and most productive hash power in this industry. In October 1 2017, Holo Group legal team filed power-sharing patent at the France Patent and Trademark Office and all of our software and applications are considered as Holo Group intellectual property.